2 Metal Ice Cups & Bullet Chillers by The Wine Savant - Whiskey Stones Bullets Stainless Steel with Revolver Case, 1.75in Bullet Chillers Set of 6, Whiskey Gift Sets, Military Gifts, Veteran Gifts

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  • Say hello to the Bullet Ice Chiller and Metal Ice Cups by The Wine Savant! This revolutionary offering is one of the coolest products to ever come out of the wine accessory scene. The Wine Savant Bullet Chiller set is hassle-free, cools large quantities of your favorite beverage in mere seconds. Simply freeze the bullet chillers and ice cups and have the coolest drink!
  • Enjoy a cold drink as you relax with our luxuriously-designed metal cups. The Bullet Chillers will keep your drink cold and the sleek design of the cups are made from high quality, durable stainless steel and offers a beautiful finish to any setting. The revolver shape of each cup offers an enhanced presentation like no other!
  • Cool your whiskey the definitive way with these Bullet-Shaped chillers! Simply freeze bullet shaped chillers to the bottom of each cup and watch as it keeps your beverage chilled without watering it down. Whether you're a collector for home or an executive on the go, these will make an excellent addition to any whiskey connoisseur's collection.
  • The perfect accessory for any type of beverage in need of a chill. These metal cups do an excellent job of keeping your beverages at the perfect temperature for hours. They are built with a thin layer of stainless steel in the bottom, which allows for maximum contact time between the liquid and the cold metal. The metal cups come with bullet chillers that fit neatly into the cup and fill any remaining space, creating a colder beverage everytime!
  • Great for entertaining or having a party outdoors, this set of 2 metal cups with bullet chillers can keep your drinks cool without diluting them. The bullet chillers are designed to fit snuggly into each cup, allowing your cup to stay cool for hours! These cups are ideal for whiskey, cocktails, margaritas and sangrias – and will hold up to 8 ounces. Add a touch of class with these bullet chillers that tuck into the bottom of your metal glasses to keep your beverages frosty cold!
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