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Feinga Pomale

Flame Brushed Engraved Twist

Flame Brushed Engraved Twist

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A hand crafted Pikorua or Twist bone carving pendant featuring traditional engravings and flame brushed highlights.

Includes an adjustable waxed braid cord and a traditional style woven presentation case and a detailed description of the meaning of the carving.

45mm Long (1.75 Inches)  
Includes Free Shipping Worldwide.  

The twist with its crisscross form represents the many paths of life and shows the joining together of two peoples and two cultures for eternity. Even though they sometimes move away from each other on their own journeys, they will always come together again sharing their lives and blending to become one. 
It shows the strength of the bond of friendship, loyalty and love, and the intertwining of these elements represents oneness within the natural world where power, beauty, old and new life all blend into one unifying force.

Carved from treated and polished domestic cow bone.
Species = Bovine

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